Moving Truck Rental

Are you planning on moving soon?

If you are planning on moving soon, we are sure you do not want to load everything in your car and make multiple trips–especially if you are moving to a new city! You know there are easier ways. At Aurora Transmission Rebuilders, not only can we repair your car and transmission, but we also have Budget Truck Rentals. Whether you are moving homes or offices, we have a truck for you.

With our Moving Truck Rental Services, you can:

  • Choose the size of your truck
  • Either pick up or drop off your truck with us
  • Set your dates with us
  • And more!

We offer our Budget Truck Rentals for both personal and professional use, and we welcome any questions you might have about our services. Call us now at (630) 820-8149 for more information about this service and to schedule your truck rental pick up date and time.

Why Choose Us?

  • Transmission rebuilder owned and operated
  • Pride ourselves on customer service